Jewelry by Lauren


Deep in our souls, we all know the kind of person we want to be: Loving. Kind. Grateful. Courageous. Patient. Peaceful. Strong.  Based on my book, Your To Be List, which I co-authored with my husband, James McMahon, I created these bracelets because I truly want you to show up in the world as your most loving, grateful, kind, compassionate, and courageous self. My work in the world is to support you in being that person.

Each of my bracelets has a secret message inside: A mantra. A spiritual lesson. You carry it right next to your pulse point so that the message carries to your heart.

I also feature Mindful Reminder Rings and jewelry stamped in Hebrew. And it all carries the same message: Live and love your spiritual truth today!

Order yours today. So you can always remember to be the loving, kind, grateful, patient, courageous person you were created to be.