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Be Focused: If we want to move from “Point A” we need to envision “Point B”

It all started when we heard this curious science story on NPR  which reported that without a distant point of focus human beings are incapable of walking in a straight line.  In fact, without a point of reference to guide us, it appears we humans (intelligent creatures though we may be) will naturally circle back to the place […]

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How To Be Joyful: Don’t wipe that dumb grin off your face

I can often be spotted driving along in my minivan, all alone, grinning to myself. Sometimes I think for all the world I look as if I don’t have a brain in my head.  But isn’t that interesting? Why is it that when we see someone smiling “for no reason at all” we assume that […]

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How To Be Reconciled: Finding common ground

My husband and I are soul mates.  We’re best friends. And from time to time, we fight.  Because we’re human.  And because sometimes we just feel like we’re right and the other person’s blatantly wrong and unconscionably inconsiderate.  I’m sure you know the feeling. In one of our recent arguments, I found myself trying to […]

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How To Be Real: Be Present to Life’s Sweetness

I have a bad habit of knitting my brow when I am lost in thought.   One day, a few years ago, I was sitting and watching my son playing Legos in the living room.  I was gazing absently at his play, but my mind was lost in some tangled problem I was trying to […]

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How To Be Transformative: Turn your troubles into treasure

Our troubles are like compost.  From all outward appearances, they’re unsightly and smelly.  We’d like to shove them away into a dark place where we’ll never have to look at them again.  But just as compost will yield rich soil if we are willing to let it be — if we are willing to care […]

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How To Be Celebratory: The release of our new video, “Sticky Notes”

I saw this video in my head long before it made it’s premier on YouTube.  The actors. The expressions. The movements. I knew just how it would unfold.  Just how it would be paced. I wanted to make a short film that would illustrate what it means to have a “To Be List.”  And with […]

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How To Be Honest: I’m having a hard week. But I am still having beautiful moments.

No one, but NO ONE is immune to pain, suffering, and difficulty in life.  Even if you are feeling happy, hopeful, and trouble free, it goes without saying that at some point in time, trouble will come knocking at your door.  This is a natural experience in life, and we would do well to face […]

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How To Be Grateful: Play “The Gratitude Game”!

Head funk.  Ugh. We all get it.  That nasty swirl of negative, obsessive thoughts. It’s like looking at the world through dense smog. It’s oppressive, unhealthy, and can make your inner world feel downright uninhabitable. Fortunately though, there’s a cure.  And that cure is gratitude.  And even more good fortune: we can touch the energy […]

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How To Be Beautiful: Let your inner beauty speak through you

It’s very easy to get hung up on certain societal standards of beauty. Images on TV and in magazines drive us to go stare at ourselves in mirrors, where we silently castigate ourselves for our imperfections and curse our genes for producing noses that are too big, lips that are too thin, eyes that are […]

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How To Be Organized: Set your priorities using Your To Be List

When you wake up in the morning and every blessed to-do on your to-do list is crying out “Pay attention to me first!” how do you decide?  Every person, every task wants to be put front and center in your day.  And there are times when the chaotic confusion of all these demands is so […]

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