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Be Focused: If we want to move from “Point A” we need to envision “Point B”

It all started when we heard this curious science story on NPR  which reported that without a distant point of focus human beings are incapable of walking in a straight line.  In fact, without a point of reference to guide us, it appears we humans (intelligent creatures though we may be) will naturally circle back to the place […]

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Forget about resolutions. Instead: Envision! Intend! Act!

I’m not a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions. It seems to me that besides being notoriously hard to keep —  there’s a lot of negative judgment hidden within them.  And I honestly don’t think you have to dig too deep to find the judgment.  Usually that judgment is right there, just below the surface, […]

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How To Be Responsible: Punctuate Your Life

The other day, James and I boarded an Airstream trailer parked at a curb in downtown Asheville.  The trailer is traveling around the country interviewing regular folks like us, and collecting stories about “a-ha moments.” When our interview was over, the interviewer asked me to explain what an “a-ha moment” meant to me. This is […]

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How To Be Transformative: Turn your troubles into treasure

Our troubles are like compost.  From all outward appearances, they’re unsightly and smelly.  We’d like to shove them away into a dark place where we’ll never have to look at them again.  But just as compost will yield rich soil if we are willing to let it be — if we are willing to care […]

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How To Be Real: You don’t have to settle in Cynicsville

Imagine, if you will, two towns:  Cynicsville and Pollyannatown.  Two towns beset by troubles large and small.   And yet the residents of these towns look at their troubles in decidedly different ways. The residents of Cynicsville feel they’ve seen it all.  No matter what the turn of events – good or bad — they […]

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How To Be The Person You Want To Be: Start with Your Eulogy

In Chapter 17 of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Tom gets to do something that many of us (at least subconsciously) wish we could do.  He gets to hear his own eulogy.  He gets to witness how greatly he has touched the lives around him.  His town, thinking him dead, is awash with grief and […]

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How To Be Celebratory: The release of our new video, “Sticky Notes”

I saw this video in my head long before it made it’s premier on YouTube.  The actors. The expressions. The movements. I knew just how it would unfold.  Just how it would be paced. I wanted to make a short film that would illustrate what it means to have a “To Be List.”  And with […]

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