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How To Be Organized: Set your priorities using Your To Be List

When you wake up in the morning and every blessed to-do on your to-do list is crying out “Pay attention to me first!” how do you decide?  Every person, every task wants to be put front and center in your day.  And there are times when the chaotic confusion of all these demands is so […]

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How To Be Friendly: Being buddies with your dust bunnies!

Problems stink, right? They make us frustrated.  They make us angry.  They drive us to distraction.  So it’s natural to think of them as our adversaries.  But why is that?  Why do we take our problems and personify them?  Well, frankly it’s just natural.  People who consistently rankle us are not especially our friends, are […]

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How To Be Happy: Want happiness? What are you waiting for?

At our home we have at least two bookshelves full of children’s picture books.  Our children have outgrown them, but I have a hard time letting them go.  I’m not a pack rat.  I just love children’s books.  They’ve got amazing illustrations and besides that, children’s book authors have a remarkable way of distilling deep […]

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How to Be Amazed: Seeing the wonder in small things

Wonder is all around us.  When we were children, we saw it everywhere we looked.  Everything was new, fresh, amazing. We grabbed the closest adult to show them these small miracles we saw in the world, from the brilliant yellow dandelions spouting through the grass, to the shape-shifting of a summer cloud.  As adults, we […]

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How to Be Content: Get to know the joy of “Enough”

Contentment is the soil in which the seeds of peace and happiness take root and blossom. You can practice contentment while brushing your teeth, working on the computer, or just sitting right where you are. Think other people might enjoy a little contentment in their lives. Share this video with them.  And thanks!

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How to be Happy and Free: Put your house on a diet!

Are your possessions helping you To Be Happy and Free? Or stifled and burdened? Are you beginning to feel like your stuff owns you and not the other way around?  Then put your house on a 30-Day Diet! In this video, Lauren will show you how! If you think your friends would benefit from this, […]

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How To Be Resolved: What to keep and what to let go of in the New Year

The New Year is a time To Be Discerning.  What do you want in your life? What do you want to release. This simple exercise will help you practice at Being Discerning in 2010. We appreciate your passing this along!

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