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How To Be Strong: Resist Those Purchases that promise you happiness

These past few months I have been working madly to de-clutter our home.  Actually, not madly.  Mindfully.  Or maybe it is a bit of both.  I have been trying to find some breathing room within it, both literally and figuratively.  It has been a real period of reckoning for me and for my family. After […]

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How To Be Responsible: Punctuate Your Life

The other day, James and I boarded an Airstream trailer parked at a curb in downtown Asheville.  The trailer is traveling around the country interviewing regular folks like us, and collecting stories about “a-ha moments.” When our interview was over, the interviewer asked me to explain what an “a-ha moment” meant to me. This is […]

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How to Be Wise: Time is like money, be careful where you invest it.

How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. – Annie Dillard Time is like currency.  It’s a precious commodity in limited supply. So we need to be careful how we spend it.   With money we try to be smart consumers.  We work hard to earn it and we know […]

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How To Be The Person You Want To Be: Start with Your Eulogy

In Chapter 17 of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Tom gets to do something that many of us (at least subconsciously) wish we could do.  He gets to hear his own eulogy.  He gets to witness how greatly he has touched the lives around him.  His town, thinking him dead, is awash with grief and […]

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How To Be Happy: Want happiness? What are you waiting for?

At our home we have at least two bookshelves full of children’s picture books.  Our children have outgrown them, but I have a hard time letting them go.  I’m not a pack rat.  I just love children’s books.  They’ve got amazing illustrations and besides that, children’s book authors have a remarkable way of distilling deep […]

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