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Enlightenment of the Middle Ages: Spiritual Lessons I Have Learned in Midlife

I turned fifty this past summer. Which means if I live to be one-hundred (which is an actual goal) I am squarely and undeniably smack dab in the middle of my life. Middle age has its petty annoyances. It also has its perks.  I may not be able to see the dosage information on the […]

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Be Courageous: All Meaningful Paths Begin with a Single Step

The path to peace begins with unrest. The path to wisdom begins with unknowing. The path to love begins with loneliness. The path to a new life begins with the old. If we want to get to where we are going, we must first compassionately accept where we are. Then take one brave step forward […]

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When to listen to fear (and when not to)

If fear tells you not to step onto a pond that has just frozen over, it is a good idea to listen to fear. But if fear tells you not to set foot outside your door in the winter because there may be frozen ponds out there, it’s best to overcome the voice of fear, […]

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How To Be Courageous: What I learned from letting go

My parents collected coffee mugs.  Lots of them.  For decades, everywhere they went in the world, from Topeka, Kansas to the Topkapi Palace they found a mug emblazoned with the name of their point of destination and brought it home, where it sat on a shelf, testament to their lifelong love of travel and their […]

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Be Willing to Let Go: 11 things I don’t need in 2011

The December 11th Reverb 10 prompt is from Sam Davidson, author of 50 Things Your Life Doesn’t Need.  He asks: “What are 11 things your life doesn’t need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life?” Here are my 11 things that my life […]

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How To Be Strong: Resist Those Purchases that promise you happiness

These past few months I have been working madly to de-clutter our home.  Actually, not madly.  Mindfully.  Or maybe it is a bit of both.  I have been trying to find some breathing room within it, both literally and figuratively.  It has been a real period of reckoning for me and for my family. After […]

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How To Be Understanding: Comforting your consuming emotions

We all have the experience with being afflicted by the ravages of consuming emotions: Guilt.  Envy.  Bitterness.  Worry.  Despair.  These are the emotions that feed on the goodness of our hearts, bit by bit taking from the heart’s abundant energy.  These emotions eat away at us, but they are never satisfied.  Never nourished.  Whatever energy […]

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How To Be Celebratory: The release of our new video, “Sticky Notes”

I saw this video in my head long before it made it’s premier on YouTube.  The actors. The expressions. The movements. I knew just how it would unfold.  Just how it would be paced. I wanted to make a short film that would illustrate what it means to have a “To Be List.”  And with […]

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How To Be Honest: I’m having a hard week. But I am still having beautiful moments.

No one, but NO ONE is immune to pain, suffering, and difficulty in life.  Even if you are feeling happy, hopeful, and trouble free, it goes without saying that at some point in time, trouble will come knocking at your door.  This is a natural experience in life, and we would do well to face […]

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How to be Happy and Free: Put your house on a diet!

Are your possessions helping you To Be Happy and Free? Or stifled and burdened? Are you beginning to feel like your stuff owns you and not the other way around?  Then put your house on a 30-Day Diet! In this video, Lauren will show you how! If you think your friends would benefit from this, […]

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