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How To Be True: Remembering your divine purpose

Imagine the moments just before you were born — milliseconds before you made your grand entrance and drew your first, jagged, shocking breath of air.  In those last few moments before you emerged, your soul, held tenderly in the hands of the Divine One, was about to be placed within your tiny body.  The Source […]

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How To Be Compassionate: You really have nothing better to do . . .

My clock-radio is always set to wake me to the morning news.  Sometimes I question the wisdom of this decision.  Most of the stories that are broadcast in the morning are not especially uplifting or motivating.  I often think that a tooth-rattling alarm might be more pleasant to wake to. This morning’s news was especially […]

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How To Be Curious: Do you know what’s in your neighbor’s garage?

A couple of weeks ago, my children and I were visiting my brother and sister-in-law in Ohio.  In the afternoon of our second day, my two daughters and I decided we would go for a walk.  As we wandered the unfamiliar landscape we passed house after house with garages.  One-car garages. Two-car garages.  It may […]

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How To Be Understanding: Comforting your consuming emotions

We all have the experience with being afflicted by the ravages of consuming emotions: Guilt.  Envy.  Bitterness.  Worry.  Despair.  These are the emotions that feed on the goodness of our hearts, bit by bit taking from the heart’s abundant energy.  These emotions eat away at us, but they are never satisfied.  Never nourished.  Whatever energy […]

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How To Be Compassionate: Use Your Imagination

I wish I knew What it’s like to be A splinter, a bee. A song, a sea. A tree, a shoe. A bird that’s new. I wish I knew What it’s like to be you.  -   By my daughter Tamar, at age 7 When I was a child, I experienced an awakening moment. My mother […]

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How To Be Loving: A Mother’s Message of Love

Today is Mother’s Day. My mother passed away thirteen years ago, in September of 1996.  She had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer about eighteen months before.  After surgery and treatment, she went into remission for over a year.  In that time that she was in remission, I became pregnant with our first child.  Her first […]

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How To Be Loving: Treat everything you touch as you would a beloved child

  The other day I was telling my teenage daughter how odd it is (if you think about it — which I do) that if you are having trouble with some object — let’s say a cell phone that loses it’s signal — it’s considered completely normal, perfectly reasonable behavior to curse that object and […]

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How To Be Aware: Know that All Moments Matter

All moments matter. Perhaps you believe that there are two types of moments:  Ordinary moments and extraordinary moments; moments that are to be treasured and moments that might as well be pitched in the trash. But all of our “ordinary moments” are moments that we must learn to treasure. Why? Because these “ordinary moments” are […]

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How to Be Compassionate: Forgive yourself as you would a friend

It’s really so easy to get down on ourselves.  One slip-up and we’re quick to start calling ourselves the kinds of names that we would usually reserve for the worst kinds of villains.  When it comes to judging our mistakes in life, we act like the bully on the playground who picks out a single […]

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How To Be Loving: Listen to Love’s call wherever you are . . .

Love is not just an emotion.  Not just a feeling.  Love is an energy.  It is an energy that calls forth our best selves, our highest sense of being.  When we are moved by Love, we step forward with our authentic being.  Think of a time that you were first moved by Love’s power.  Your […]

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