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How To Be Loving: A Mother’s Message of Love

Today is Mother’s Day. My mother passed away thirteen years ago, in September of 1996.  She had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer about eighteen months before.  After surgery and treatment, she went into remission for over a year.  In that time that she was in remission, I became pregnant with our first child.  Her first […]

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How To Be Playful: Try this easy “To Be List” Game!

As any teacher of young children will attest to, the fastest way to teach is through play.  It’s fun.  It’s motivating.  And when the game is over children are amazed that they have grown in knowledge and skill.  Surprise! You thought you were just having fun, but it turns out you were learning! Well, the […]

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How to Be Amazed: Seeing the wonder in small things

Wonder is all around us.  When we were children, we saw it everywhere we looked.  Everything was new, fresh, amazing. We grabbed the closest adult to show them these small miracles we saw in the world, from the brilliant yellow dandelions spouting through the grass, to the shape-shifting of a summer cloud.  As adults, we […]

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