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How To Be The Person You Want To Be: Start with Your Eulogy

In Chapter 17 of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Tom gets to do something that many of us (at least subconsciously) wish we could do.  He gets to hear his own eulogy.  He gets to witness how greatly he has touched the lives around him.  His town, thinking him dead, is awash with grief and […]

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How To Be Content: Be happy just where you are!

I think we must live in the bed and breakfast capitol of the world. Honestly, though I can’t verify it, I believe there are more bed and breakfasts per capita in our city than any other in the country.  Or maybe it just appears that way to me because there are B & B’s three, […]

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How To Be Playful: Try this easy “To Be List” Game!

As any teacher of young children will attest to, the fastest way to teach is through play.  It’s fun.  It’s motivating.  And when the game is over children are amazed that they have grown in knowledge and skill.  Surprise! You thought you were just having fun, but it turns out you were learning! Well, the […]

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How To Be Aware: Know that All Moments Matter

All moments matter. Perhaps you believe that there are two types of moments:  Ordinary moments and extraordinary moments; moments that are to be treasured and moments that might as well be pitched in the trash. But all of our “ordinary moments” are moments that we must learn to treasure. Why? Because these “ordinary moments” are […]

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How To Be Loving: Listen to Love’s call wherever you are . . .

Love is not just an emotion.  Not just a feeling.  Love is an energy.  It is an energy that calls forth our best selves, our highest sense of being.  When we are moved by Love, we step forward with our authentic being.  Think of a time that you were first moved by Love’s power.  Your […]

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