Client Testimonials and Author Endorsements

Here’s what other authors and clients are saying about Lauren:

“A lot of books are advertised as life-transforming, but this one actually is. It’s beautifully and accessibly written and so easy to put into practice. If you’re serious about wanting to live a more relaxed, fulfilling, and creative life Your To Be List is the perfect guide.”

“Lauren Rosenfeld writes about the big questions with a clear eye on how they manifest in the little daily choices. Her wisdom and heart shine a light on living a deeply spiritual life without separating from our wonderful human beingness.”

“This year I’ve embarked on a serious decluttering journey—freeing space for myself, my family, and my work—and this book has become central to that process. It has helped me deeply understand that clearing space is not just about the ‘stuff’ in my house, but, more importantly, the ‘stuff’ in my heart. With the help of Breathing Room, I’m finally getting to root stories about my life that will enable me to live in this new space with great intention.”

You know that “A-HA!” moment, when the light finally comes on? I had one of those moments when Soul Decluttering with Lauren.

For five years my husband had begged me to remove the television from our bedroom. He hated it more and more as the years went on. Some weekends, I never really left the bed because I would lounge in the bedroom watching TV all the time. It had started hurting our marriage and our relationship. He started staying out of our bedroom- coming to bed long after I had gone to sleep- usually having to turn the TV off for me.

After speaking with Lauren about our bedroom and its relationship the communication issues I was having with my husband, I took the television out of our bedroom. I then rearranged the room with less clutter and created a space of love and serenity. I also turned our spare bedroom into a cozy TV room for the whole family. There is a couch and chair and we even have a white board in there when we need to have family pow-wows. There is seating for everyone (including a pile of pillows for our dog, Belle). It has brought our family much, much closer. The best thing that happened is that my relationship with my husband greatly improved (quickly). And all it took was removing the television from our bedroom!!! Since I have Soul Decluttered, I can now distinguish what is important to me and what really holds very little meaning.

My life and soul gets lighter and lighter every time Lauren shares her wisdom!