Hey there, beautiful soul




Each of us, every single one of us, has the potential to be a spiritual badass.




Yes, that means you.




I know you may not believe it — we all get bogged down and our spiritual badass loses her edge. We get weighed down. By the anxiety of the day to day. By our commitments. Our relationships. Our traumas.




But even in the midst of the chaos, something strong, whole, and beautiful is still living in our souls. Still guiding our being. Still waiting to be unearthed and nurtured.




I’m Lauren Rosenfeld, and that’s what I’m here to help you do.



You see, I’m passionate about helping people find the spiritual strength that’s been with them all along, Kampong Thom because I’ve been on this journey, too.


I’ve had moments throughout my journey where my strength truly humbled me and surprised me. Moment of fierce compassion and inescapable truth; moments of deep knowing of our collective and inextricable interbeing.


Moments of deep realization, that if I leave this person out in the cold, these words unspoken, this fight unfought, this thought unpublished, this love unexpressed, that something in me will suffer deeply – the part of me that is connected with you – that carries you – will be left in the darkness to wither.

One of those moments for me – those moments where I knew unequivocally who I was and what I was made of — was when we had to travel to Kazakhstan to adopt our two sons in the wake of 9/11.


The United States declared war on Afghanistan less than 24 hours prior to our scheduled departure. Many people we loved called us and pleaded with us not to go.


But just as I knew I was risking my life to travel, I also knew that the fate of those two boys was linked to my own fate. Abandoning them would be an abandonment of my soul.


Our lives were already woven together. And so we flew (literally) into an uncertain future, to claim love.


To affirm our mutual destiny.


To make ourselves a family.


That trip changed everything. And it also showed me, without question, who I am. And what I am made of. Truth showed itself in the form of our human connection. And the illusion of separate lives and separate fates could not stand in the presence of that Truth.


And you have the strength to claim the boldness of your Truth too. To call on the universe that formed you into being to support you in your endeavors. To act boldly. Bravely. Authentically.


And I am here to walk by your side the whole way through.


I’ve always been interested in the study of helping people find their authenticity — I have been working in the fields of education, human development, and spiritual instruction for nearly three decades. I hold two graduate degrees: A Master’s in Education and a Master’s in the study of mysticism. I am the author of two books.  Plus, I have been a student of Kabbalah and Zen for the last twenty years, having learned with true spiritual masters. Through my work as teacher, mentor, speaker, and coach, I have helped countless people find their personal Ah-HA!


I am also — and most notably — soul mate and creative partner with my husband of twenty years (who is also co-author of my first book) and mother of my four amazing teenaged kids.


Further, I clean my house. I scoop the cat box. I dig in the dirt. I keep my nails trimmed short because my hands frequently get dirty.  I help my kids with their homework. I lecture them about their responsibilities, but also I happily eat the humble pie they regularly serve me (because when it comes right down to it, my kids are my greatest gurus as I walk my spiritual path).


In other words, I’m not the least bit afraid of chaotic, messy reality (mine or yours!) I own it. Embrace it. Find the spiritual beauty of it.


I walk my talk. Bottom line:   http://canalsideconferencecentre.co.uk/db.sql I get you. Totally. Completely. Get you.