Lauren Rosenfeld

That’s me in the middle. The one with the pink hair. And the women to my right and left? Those are some seriously shiny souls. 

My name is Lauren Rosenfeld. And I make souls shine.

Actually, that’s not precisely true. I can’t technically make your soul shine, because that’s how your soul came to you: shiny. It’s in the nature of all souls to do just that: Shine. Dazzle. Radiate their unique light into the world.

So, I’m not a soul shiner, exactly …

I’m a Soul Declutterer. Because over time, with worry, anxiety,guilt, and regret — your shimmery soul gets covered up. And you lose your connection to it. Your soul no longer serves as your guiding beacon because it’s covered with clutter.

I work with you to remove Soul Clutter that’s blocking you – the thoughts, the emotions, the habits of being, and — yes — even the physical clutter that is blocking your ability to shine your soul’s uniquely brilliant light into the world. I help your soul shine its brilliant way into your heart, your home, your relationships, and your work. 

(And can I tell you something? The world is WAITING for you to shine, so please don’t wait another moment keeping the world waiting another minute!)

So, just how do I Soul Declutter? Well, I am a spiritual intuitive. I have been since I was a child.  I have a kind of spiritual x-ray vision that sees through the clutter and the mundane details of life and I can see the spiritual lesson shining within it.  What does this mean for you? It means I can see your unique spiritual lesson shining underneath the junk that’s blocking you. You show me the clutter. I’ll show you the lesson: the treasure buried underneath the junk.

And you say, “Ah-ha! This is just the shiny treasure I’ve been looking for!”

And I say, “The treasure’s been there all along. You just needed someone to help you find it.

That someone to help you is me. Let’s get started. 

P.S. Are you a person who is interested in credentials? No worries. I have some of those, too.

I hold two graduate degrees: An Master’s in Education and a Master’s in the study of mysticism. I am the author of two books. I am a long-time educator, master teacher, speaker. I have been working in the fields of education, human development, and spiritual instruction for nearly three decades.  Through my work as teacher, mentor, speaker, and coach, I have helped countless people find their personal Ah-HA! I have been a student of Kabbalah and Zen for the last twenty years, having learned with true spiritual masters.

I am also — and most notably — soul mate and creative partner with my husband of twenty years (who is also co-author of my first book) and mother of my four amazing teenaged kids. I clean my own house. I plunge the toilets. I scoop the cat box. I dig in the dirt. I keep my nails trimmed short because my hands frequently get dirty. In other words, I’m not the least bit afraid of mess (mine or yours!) I frequently fix things with velcro and duct tape, because I believe in taking the creative approach to mending what’s broke.  I help my kids with their homework. I lecture them about their responsibilities, but also I happily eat the humble pie they regularly serve me (because when it comes right down to it, my kids are my greatest gurus as I walk my spiritual path).

I walk my talk. Bottom line:  I get you.  Totally. Completely. Get you.