Be Courageous: There’s more than one way to do it . . .

Courage doesn’t always mean rushing into a burning building to save a life.

Courage can be asking forgiveness. Or courage can mean offering it.


Chineese symbol for courage

What is the real meaning of courage?

Courage can mean honoring your true feelings or openly accepting the feelings of another (no matter how uncomfortable those feelings are).

Courage can mean walking into a gym. Or a classroom. Or a job interview.

Courage can mean asking a question. Or hearing an answer.

Courage can mean writing the first paragraph of you novel or a drafting a household budget.

Courage can mean starting a new relationship or ending one.

Courage can mean picking up the phone or a hobby or a project or simply picking up where you left off.

Courage can mean asking for help or offering it.

Courage can mean facing the day in the wake of grief.

Courage can mean facing the moment when it didn’t turn out the way you had planned.

Courage can be planting seeds of a garden or seeds of an idea or seeds of kindness.

Courage can be showing faith in your self when others do not.

Courage can mean saying “yes”. Or courage can mean saying “no”.

Courage can mean allowing yourself to feel pain. And courage can mean moving beyond it.

Courage can be making peace. With others. With yourself. With your life.

There are infinite ways to be courageous.

And often people who feel that they aren’t courageous aren’t acknowledging the small yet significant ways that they already are.




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I am a mystical multitasking mama of four. An author. A speaker. A soul declutterer. My hair is pink. My heart is wide open. I am here to help your soul shine.
alex says:

I like your post in how it looks at the various definitions of courage. What maybe easy for one can be very courageous for another, like walking into a gym or job interview as you mention it (former not so much, latter most definitely need courage)!
Thank you for sharing Lauren.