Love is our Superpower.

Love gives us strength, providing us the power to create shining diamonds of insight from the rough and rugged coal of hard experience.

Love gives us X-ray vision, offering us the ability to see beneath the hard shell of our adversaries’ hearts and see the vulnerable human being that dwells inside it.

love is your superpower

Love is Your Superpower! How will you use it?

Love defeats Death, for the love of those who have transitioned from this world still beats within our hearts, giving those passed new life through us every day.

Love repairs what is broken, propping up bridges of hope and reconciliation where once hearts were broken and in despair.

Love overcomes obstacles, blasting through the Twin Mountains of Prejudice and Hatred.

Love vanquishes darkness, bringing light and illumination where Fear casts its shadow.

Love defies gravity, uplifting the fallen and raising them towards wholeness.

Love speeds across vast distances, making brothers and sisters of those who dwell on distant continents.

Love is shape-shifting, transforming us from small minded and fearful individuals into brave, spiritual warriors.

Love is our Superpower.  So let’s get out there and start saving the day!



I want to give special thanks to Twitterfriend @LolaSpeaking who answered my question “What is your Superpower?” with “Love is my Superpower!” Thanks for inspiring me!