Imagine that you have a pocket full of money, representing your time. Pennies that are seconds, nickels that are minutes, dimes that are hours, quarters that are days, bills that are months, years, and decades.

If time was money, how would you spend it?

If time was money, how would you spend it?You walk into a market where emotions are selling their wares. There is Bitterness, sitting at her table, glowering at her misfortune to have to sit here at all, casting blaming looks at everyone who passes. And there is Anger, pacing furiously by his booth, pounding his fist into his hand and promising to make his customers’ lives all the more painful for every penny they spend. There is poor Worry, wringing his hands and begging for whatever you might have to spare him: he is quite certain something terrible is about to happen to you — and if you just fork over a few cents he will be more than happy to bend your ear about all the misfortune that awaits you. Look: there is Frustration, cursing her luck for having been given such a wretched spot to sell her wares and refusing to move though there is plenty of room to do so.

But now, turn around.

On the other side, there is Peace, smiling and offering comfort to anyone who will give her so much as a penny. And there is Happiness, who if you will just give him a nickel, will make you smile from the inside out. And what’s that racket? Oh, it’s Delight, telling jokes to whomever will toss her dime — it’s quite a scene at her booth! And over there! There is Gratitude, who will show you the world through a remarkable kaleidoscope of beauty if you will only open your hand for her.  And there, too is Contentment, lounging in the midst of it all and offering you a comfortable seat just next to him where you can stretch out and see incredible vistas wherever you turn.

Reach into your pocket and know that there is only so much time to spend in there. Feel the weight of it. The jingle of it. The possibility of what it can buy for you. Hold it dear and realize how precious every coin is, no matter how small.

Who will you give your time to? And how much of it will you give? This is your time. No one can spend it as well and as wisely as you. It’s your choice.

Happy shopping.