Imagine the moments just before you were born — milliseconds before you made your grand entrance and drew your first, jagged, shocking breath of air.  In those last few moments before you emerged, your soul, held tenderly in the hands of the Divine One, was about to be placed within your tiny body.  The Source of your Being, smiled to your soul and whispered a set of final instructions that, if you listened carefully and with profound intent, would guide you on your path in life as your body grew from infancy, to childhood, to maturity to old age.

Wisdom of babies baby

Imagine that before your were born, you were touched with infinite wisdom. Can you remember what it was?

“Listen, Dear One,” your Creator told your soul, “You are about to make your way into the world I created.  It is not a perfect world.  In fact it is far from that.  There is a great deal of pain and suffering in it.  But there is remarkable beauty as well.  And I am placing within you the ability to perceive all of it.  This perception is a gift.  But in order to live a good life, you must not simply perceive, you must also understand.

“I want you to understand, Dear One, that you are being given a mission, no more or less important than any other mission that I have given to any other soul that I have sent out into the world.  Unfortunately, in that first shock of air you will breathe in, there is a forgetfulness that can overcome you.  You might forget what I am about to tell you.  Most souls do.  In the fury of life that follows that first breath, there are many messages you will receive that are transmitted in a frequency that is easier to hear and at a decibel level that is far louder than the voice I am placing within you.

“These worldly messages can be very convincing, Dear One.  And very alluring.  They will tell you to acquire as much as you can in your lifetime at the expense of your own happiness and the happiness of others.  They will tell you to move faster.  To work harder. They will tell you that the value of your life is much greater than the value of other lives – and they will tell you to ignore the needs of others and pay attention only to your own.  They will tell you that you have very little time so you must take as much as you can while you can – for life, they will tell you, is finite and fleeting.

“They might insist that your life is of lesser value than the lives of others.  They may insist that your life is meaningless.  They might lead you in the direction of despair.  They might counsel you to numb yourself to life’s tender mercies or turn your back on life’s beauty.

“Do not listen to these voices.  The only reason they are so loud is because they do not speak the truth.  They are trying to drown out what I am about to tell you:  Your Greater Truth.

“Listen, my Beloved: You may be born into a family where these loud and insistent voices prevail.  You may be born to parents who have forgotten my whispers.  Into a community that has forgotten my truth.  Into a society that has forgotten it is comprised of Divinely gifted souls.  So you must find a quiet place.  Find yourself a place, away from the din. A place where you can look within and find my message: your purpose.

“Dear One, here is what you must always remember:  I am sending you into this world to love.  So love with an open heart.  Love courageously.  Love in the face of fear.  Look for my presence wherever you go, not just in life’s beauty, but in life’s ugliness as well.  Guide others toward the beauty that you see.  Listen with a heart of understanding.  Act with a heart of compassion.  Give of yourself generously.  For the life I am giving to you is eternal.  Without end.  It cannot be depleted by giving.  In fact, it will grow in proportion to the willingness with which you are willing to share it.

“Go now, my beloved.  The time is approaching.  You will soon emerge into the world.  Air will rush into your lungs.  And with it, forgetfulness of who you truly are and the infinite nature of your origin.

“But Dear One, I will have placed within you a great gift.  You have the ability to remember.  And this is your journey: to find your way back to remembrance. Back to Me. Back to wholeness . . . ”

And with that the Divine One kissed your soul and it was released.  And you made your way into the world.  And you drew into your body that first life-sustaining breath.  And your cried.  Because you heard the message fading.   And you feared that you would forget.

But deep within you is a profound remembrance.

So find that quiet space.  Go deep within.

And remember.